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Undercover Landscapes has the capability to service all of your your landscape projects needs. From detailed construction, Child Safe requirements for the Childcare Industry, local and federal government works, RMS Vegetation and Landscaping to environmental revegetation and maintenance of all commercial projects.

We also have the capability to supply all of the plant stock for your projects from our Nursery at Kenthurst. This means that all plants are available as required and in peak condition to ensure the success of your project.

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Bioretention Basin Installation

Project Name
Bioretention Basin Installation
Burton Contractors
Value of project
Location of project
Oakdale Industrial Estate and Bunnings Facility
Contract period
November 2011 - Ongoing
Scope of works

The Bioretention Basins perform a crucial role of cleansing all water run off from roads, carparks etc of contaminants before they reach the main stormwater system by filtering through 3 specific drainage layers consisting of a Bioretention Filter Media, coarse sand transition layer and gravel drainage layer. The clean water is then picked up by sub soil drainage lines and directed into the stormwater system.

Bioretention Basins are sometimes turfed such as the Oakdale Industrial Estate or planted with provenance wetland plants such as the Bunnings Facility at Eastern Creek.

Undercover Landscapes’ Maintenance Division then takes over to keep the basins in pristine condition, not only enhancing their performance,but creating an attractive landscape as well.

Undercover Landscapes installed both off these projects for Burton Civil Engineering Contractors.


Project Highlights