Open Space 

Parks and open space refers to land that has been reserved for the purpose of formal and informal sport and recreation, preservation of natural environments, provision of green space and/or urban storm water management. Open space provides recreational areas for residents and helps to enhance the beauty and environmental quality of neighbourhoods. Undercover Landscapes understands that diligent protection of the existing ecology, flora and fauna is a key factor in the success of any open space project .

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Powerhouse Museum

Project Name
Powerhouse Museum
Powerhouse Museum
Value of project
$250 000.00
Location of project
Ultimo, NSW
Contract period
January 2009 to January 2012
Scope of works

The Museum has provided us with exciting, one of kind projects. Whether it is working in the confined spaces of the Ultimo site or the relaxing environment of the bush setting at the Castle Hill site, these  projects are noteworthy. 

Work Involved:

  • Construction of Space Playground in Ultimo
  • Playground at Castle Hill
  • Mars Surface Landscape for Sydney University exhibition
Project Highlights

Undercover Landscapes are proud of the works completed at the Powerhouse Museum sites.

University of Sydney Mars Exhibit:

  • The materials used were to mirror that of the ones actually found on Mars, allowing the scientists to collect and analyse samples using a replica Mars Rover. All materials had to be transported and installed in bulka bags to minimise the effect on the working environment and the visiting public.